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In 1985, Ushaben and Nayanaben embarked on a journey to recreate the flavors of their homeland, India, despite being over 8500 miles away. They began making traditional Indian snacks at home, with Bharatbhai selling them to fellow Indians and clients in the local community. Meanwhile, Chandrakantbhai, who took up odd jobs around Los Angeles, also contributed to the sales efforts. Within two years, their passion for authentic Indian cuisine led them to open a restaurant that aimed to cater to the needs of the growing Indian immigrant population in America.

As their customer base expanded, so did their menu. What started as a humble snack business soon transformed into a culinary haven for mouth-watering Indian sweets as well. Before opening their first location in Artesia, CA, in 1988, Chandrakantbhai and Ushaben decided to return to India to learn and bring back famous street food items from their hometown. When the restaurant finally opened, they proudly offered a small yet fulfilling menu that reflected the traditional flavors of a village-style Indian meal.

Their primary goal from the beginning was to serve fresh and delicious food. Today, their pride lies in the fact that none of their dishes contain any preservatives. Many clients inquire about their secret, and the answer is simple—they never learned to incorporate preservatives. They steadfastly adhere to traditional recipes, relying solely on refrigeration or freezing to extend the shelf life of their food. The result is a delightful and authentic taste that their clients adore.

By 2001, the demand for their snacks and catering had outgrown the kitchen at their original location. To meet the increasing needs, they made the decision to acquire the Eastman Kodak facility in Pico Rivera. This facility now serves as their base for producing snacks, sweets, and catering services. Today, they proudly hold the title of being the largest Indian cuisine caterer on the West Coast.

In 2013, driven by popular demand, they expanded further and opened their third restaurant in Newark, CA, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. While the area already boasted an abundance of Indian restaurants, most of them focused on South Indian or Punjabi cuisine. Recognizing a void in the market, they felt that a wholesome Gujarati restaurant was missing. This new location not only offers their delectable sweets and snacks but also showcases the diverse flavors of Gujarat.