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At Jay Bharat, we proudly hold the position of being the foremost caterer of Indian cuisine along but not limited to the western expanse of the United States. Our culinary mastery spans a broad spectrum of delectable offerings, including yet not confined to Gujarati, Punjabi, Indo-Chinese, South Indian, Indo-Italian, and Indo-Mexican delights, bridging the culinary heritage from the far reaches of the East to the distant corners of the West. We comprehensively embrace global diverse culinary traditions.

The following menu is only applicable to catering orders of 100+ people.

Jay Bharat Catering Menu

Call us at (562) 205-1234 to discuss your catering needs


**Furthermore, for smaller catering orders of less than 100 people. Please reach out to our restaurant at (562)-924-3310. With the specific menu tailored towards smaller crowd.**

Jay Bharat Catering Menu (Below 100 people)

Hours of Operation ( Catering Commissary )

Tuesday to Sunday
8:00 am to 3:00 pm (PST)

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